Sunday, January 13, 2013

DoD cuts Health Care For Retirees: Good Idea? Uh, No!

Dear Mr. President,

I have just learned that the Department of Defense has decided to cut the health care benefits that retired military members receive as part of the retirement contract. According to , this slap to service members has been in the works since 2007 and is just now coming to light.

Mr. President, I was led to believe that you wanted more health care, not less?

You must know that with all of the new expenses in 2013 this will really pound on the families of veterans who sacrificed much to serve this country, served with honor.

Especially egregious is the fact that, while having been approved for years and new provider contracts completed last year, it was decided to keep the cuts quiet because it "might be used by politicians this fall".  Putting politics ahead of families is always unconscionable. The DoD leaves families little time to adjust to the new expenses: some as soon as 78 days (West Region). And there is still no official announcement of the change.  This new expense is on top of the restored payroll tax, new health care taxes (with cuts in medical deductions) and other increases in the cost of living. Planning and implementing it while conducting a war makes it just that much more shocking and illogical.

Since the DoD will not give us a heads-up, it is my intention to make as many veterans as can aware of the coming increase in their health care expenses.

Cutting health care to veterans implies a disregard for those who served and the promises made. However it became the policy, I'm sure you are going to look out for your troops and their families and put a stop to it. Your signature on an executive order would be all it takes.

If there is anything veterans do not need is another expense to worry about.

Thank you for your support
Ref: 171,000 Retirees Likely To Lose Tricare Prime ( -

Friday, November 9, 2012

Resign, Mr. President

Dear Mr. President.

In light of the factual information escaping from Libya, it's time to consider that your cover-up has failed, so I humbly recommend that you tender your resignation immediately.

The repeated requests for increased security and the previous attacks that went unheeded by your State Department, resulted in 4 dead Americans, including a US Ambassador, your ambassador, and Al Quaida flags flying over US Soil, reveals one horrible decision after another. And this time it cannot be blamed on the previous administration.

With your refusal to help them, the cover-up and the attempts to divert attention to a video that you knew, and now everyone else knows, had nothing to do with the problem, it is time to step up and take responsibility: resign as quickly as you get a staffer to draft your resignation speech.

Remember President Nixon resigned due to an unlawful cover-up and no one even lost their lives because of his mistake.

Thank you for your service and happy trails to you.

Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Inflation! Says Who?

Dear Mr. President.

The news is out that people who are disabled, veterans and retirees on fixed incomes will not receive a cost of living adjustment to their income due to the recession and a lack of inflation.
"With consumer prices down over the past year, monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits will not automatically increase in 2010." (SSA)
Sir, I beg to differ.

While government reports claim that we've been "deflating", I'm afraid the cost of living is still on the raise.... a lot. The truth of it is plainly obvious if you purchase gasoline for your vehicle, pay user and registration fees, buy insurance, milk, bread and other food products. Here is a very short list with the 2008 price, the 2010 price and the percent of change:

Ground chuck: $2.59 lb $3.29 lb. +27%
Milk: $1.99 qt. $2.39 qt. +20%

Peanut Butter: $4.29 16oz. $5.29 16oz. +25%

Regular Gasoline $2.24 Gal. $2.81 Gal. +25%

The Consumer Price Index, used to calculate inflation for cost of living increases, must be seriously flawed. It includes sample items such as housing, apparel, medical spending, transportation, etc. (Beureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). But while food and transportation costs are going up in double digits, it is only the housing market has been bottoming out. I do not believe you can seriously say that we are in a deflationary climate when only one item on the list has lost its value. Additionally, the loss of revenue from those devalued homes has caused a snowballing effect on state and local governments who have also increased the fees for necessities, such as vehicle titling, registration, license plate and driver's license renewal, and businesses that have to raise prices to make up for lost patronage.

Most people, especially those on fixed incomes, are not buying homes after they started receiving SSI, disability or in many cases military retirement. Very few are buying homes as the monthly reports indicate. Besides, which of those on fixed incomes would willingly sell their home in this housing environment? All of this weighs heavily on the average Social Security, Disability recipients and retired military.

And, now, as if to slap us in the face, the BLS reports the CPI-U to be 2.7% as of December 2009. This means the policy of attempting to balance the federal budget on the backs of those on fixed incomes must be based on incorrect information or was, is, simply a ruse.

Mr. President, alter the way the CPI is calculated and apply a reasonable cost of living increase for all Americans who are receiving SSI, disability and honor those who served this nation and are receiving military retirements.

Thank you for your support.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Shared Sacrifice: You too Mr. President

Dear Mr. President.

In your July 17th Weekly Radio address, you asked for shared sacrifice calling on the “wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share”.

I agree, we should ask the wealthiest Americans to sacrifice some of their vast wealth. To this end I make the following recommendation; One that lowers the government’s domestic obligations while being very popular among average Americans.

Cut your pay by ten percent.

That’s right: lowering you pay will have a direct one for one, dollar for dollar, reduction in deficit spending.

It would show the people that you are willing to personally participate in the shared sacrifice. It would also put you in an excellent position to influence the US Congress to lower their salaries as well.

Start a movement of shared sacrifice across the country.

This is just my suggestion to help our country out of worsening situation.

Thank you for your support.